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Container Storage Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions regarding our products, deliveries, services or policies, please call us at 1 306 539 2544

What are my responsibilities during the rental period?

– Making sure there is sufficient access at the drop off location for delivery and pick up (50’ of a straight line for the delivery truck, no overhead power lines or overhang of buildings, etc.)– Providing insurance for your contents during storage– Packing the container properly– Securely locking the container– Ensuring the container is cleaned upon pick up of the rental return or cleaning charges will apply

Are my belongings insured by XS Storage Inc. when they are stored in the containers?

XS Storage DOES NOT insure your contents during storage or while being transported. You are responsible for insuring your belongings. Check with your current home or business policy provider for the best insurance solution. If you do not get insurance and you are storing your container here at our depot, upon request we will place your locked container off the ground making it virtually impossible to break into.

When is Payment Due?

The delivery charges and first month rent are due before, or upon, delivery. There after rent is due on the same day of each subsequent month.

Is there a minimum rental period?

There is a one-month minimum rental period.

Do you store containers at your depot?

XS Storage does offer storage at our depot. We are open 8-4 Monday to Friday if you need access to your unit. Please call 1- 2 days prior to ensure when you arrive to access your container, it is accessible for your convenience.

Is there a way to keep the contents in my container secure during travel?

There are tie down hooks on both-sides, top and bottom, on the inside of the container to secure your belongings during transit.

Is there anything that I cannot pack in the container?

Do not pack any hazardous, illegal, explosive or flammable materials. Propane tanks and other gaseous substances should not be stored. Gasoline and oil should be drained from any equipment before storage.

Will my lock be visible while on my container?

Our rental containers come equipped with a steel lock box attached to the outside of the unit. The lock box conceals and protects your lock from being tampered with. To optimize security, XS Storage strongly recommends that you place an appropriate high security lock within the lock box provided. Lock shackles that hang exposed below the lock box, or locks fitted only to the container handles can compromise security and may place your valuables at risk.

Are the containers weatherproof?

Yes. All of our containers are wind, watertight to ensure they will be as wheather proof as possible, keeping your valuables dry and protected from the harsh outdoor elements. We inspect all of our storage containers before they leave our depot to ensure they are up to your standards. They also have a minimum of two vents in each container to allow the container to breath.

Can I place my container on the street?

Here at XS Storage, our policy is to place the unit on private property on every possible occasion. Occasionally, due to access restrictions for our delivery vehicle or at the request of a client, we will place the unit on a city street or lane. It is the responsibility of the renter to obtain a permit from the applicable city or municipality. Any cost involved in obtaining a permit is the renter’s responsibility. 

Is there any site preparation required?

The only thing you need to worry about is that the area is clean, clear of obstruction and the surface is level and firm. XS Storage offers dunnage to be placed under the corners of your container to help level and raise it off the ground, keeping it out of waters way and from freezing to the ground during the different seasons.
We can deliver on:– Cement– Pavement– Asphalt– Gravel, Dirt or Grass (as long as it is solid ground)

How much space is required for delivery?

The amount of space required is minimal. For a 20ft storage container, you will need approximately 60 feet of straight clearance. For a 40ft container, you will need approximately 100 feet of straight clearance. The width requirement is approximately 10 feet and up to 15 feet of overhead clearance is necessary; please ensure there are no overhead wires or branches that may obstruct during delivery.

How is the container delivered?

The driver will back into your site, raise the truck or trailer tilt-deck up, and gently lower one end of the container to the ground or on the dunnage if purchased. The truck then slides out from under the container while using the tilt-deck to carefully lower the container to the ground.

Will the container damage my driveway?

XS Storage cannot guarantee that your driveway will not sustain any damage. However we make every effort to minimize the risk of any damage while delivering or picking up. In order to protect your driveway, our driver will place wood pads (dunnage) under the corners of the unit while offloading takes place.

How much notice is needed for delivery of a rental container?

We require a minimum 1 – 2 days’ notice for both delivery and pickup of your container.